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Andy Brandon


I am an experienced advisor with 19 years of service to my clients.  I specialize in partnering with estate planning attorneys and tax preparers to provide clients with comprehensive and collaborative service.  The client experience I strive to provide can be summarized with these three areas of focus.   

Honesty and Transparency  

I am committed to assisting clients in understanding the landscape of investing in addition to the specific investments we choose together.  Fees are fully disclosed and appear on each monthly statement.  Expectations around past and anticipated future performance of investment choices are thoroughly discussed. 

Continual pursuit of excellence   

I review my portfolios every day and compare them to benchmarks in an effort to deliver competitive results to clients.  Positions and balance are consistently scrutinized with regard for efficiency, performance, and cost. 

Personal Care 

I take a personal interest in my clients.  I stay in touch regularly to update objectives and ensure we’re delivering value.  I care about my clients lives, which drives me even more to do my best to deliver valuable service.